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Indigo Blue ( words and music Jacen Bruce )
The first single release taken from Jacen's forthcoming  original album Young Man With The Big Beat
Recorded and mixed at Phaff Studios by Rich Young
Lead vocals, backing vocals and acoustic guitar Jacen Bruce
Lead guitar John Stannard, double bass Kurt Replais, drums Len Black, harmonica Rich Young
Produced by Rich Young and Jacen Bruce

Hits the spot

We're really excited and proud to announce that, The Calling hit number 2 on the fiction download chart. Alison's 3rd DC Gary Goodhew book set in Cambridge hit the spot at the beginning of January 2012.
The Song
We always write a song for each book, I come up with the melody and the music. Alison with her talent for writing lyrics especially for her own books completes the song.
The Calling ( music & lyrics Jacen and Alison Bruce ) has just been written and recorded to promote and accompany the book.

Movie News!
Johnny Cool Cat has just been used for the opening credits in Dan Cholerton's brand new black comedy Explicit Content.

We had a great time at the movie premiere on Saturday 19th Nov in Bury St Edmunds, it was a real thrill to watch the opening of the film with Johnny Cool Cat playing through the opening titles.