In July 2003 high winds battered Memphis and locals called it Hurricane Elvis, then the following year hurricane Katrina whipped through New Orleans and blew out

across the US snatching atoms of rockabilly and blues, snatching a little surf as it gusted out into the Atlantic. The storm died high in the earth’s atmosphere and

in 2008 finally scattered its unique gift on four musicians in Cambridgeshire, England. Memphis Underground was born. Think Stray Cats meets Johnny Cash.

Think Chris Isaak and Dick Dale. Imagine the gritty streets of Tennessee, pool halls and basement music bars. Neon signs and hot rod cars. Songs written on

lonely nights and practised in darkened rooms. The girl with posters of James Dean. The prisoner in the penitentiary looking at a small blue square of sky and

dreaming only of the beach. Hitchcock and Tarantino. Presley and Setzer. Meet David Hartley, Craig Fillbrook, Jacen Bruce, Donny Brown and Rob Watson.

This is Memphis Underground.